Praise for Stephanie’s debut album – “CINDERELLA’S DEAD”

Fuller post-Goth vibrato than the Lillith norm; more guitar, too, sometimes approximating a Saudi Arabian lilt. And funner words: one song climaxes on a chant about poking holes into “the Tupperware sky,” and another is called “Beaver Dam,” heh heh. This Connecticut-born Syracuse University grad insists she’s not just another damn folkie, and who knows? Between covering Rush and “I Feel Love” live and helping out alt-rock bands and avant-garde composers, maybe she’s right


Stephanie St John has almost written enough songs to be able to have an anthology published. This NYC girl is as vibrant and energetic vocally as her songs are through either headphones or speakers. With her band ‘MiMi Ferocious’ the girl is proving to be quite a handful of extraorindary talent with equally talented musicians. It’s only a matter of time before we can flick through her CDs in the stores with the same kind of excitement you’d attribute to choosing an album from an accomplished best selling mainstream artist. It takes a lot of hard work and a passion for your art to be able to get to where she’s going.

Praise for MiMi Ferocious – “250 Times Sweeter Than Sugar” demo tracks:

“As a preliminary taste of …Sugar, Stephanie’s uncommonly pretty voice carries the shimmering pop ballad Chariot to new heights in her already impressive cache of accomplished songwriting. An established flare for whimsical lyrics shows up again on the breezy Tupperwhere Sky” a reworking of the song “Soul River Tight” from Cinderella’s Dead. “Tupperwhere Sky” features a distinctively New Wave influence permeating Michael’s inventive guitar riffs, and Stephanie’s finely integrated admiration for Blondie and Deborah Harry are in full evidence.”

–Gail Worley, StarPolish

GoGirlsMusicFest “Get Hip to Hep C” Compilation CD – Cab Driver by Stephanie St. John
The one word that kept popping up in my review notes is “strong.” This is an incredible group of strong female vocalists and gutsy songwriters. If you ever see them in a room together, try not to piss them off… We get some nice contrasts with sweet, heavenly lead vocals and harmonies from artists like Stephanie St. John (soulfully soothing)…

Beaver Dam
Best AntiFolk Song, 2002

Stephanie St. John:
Top Ten Female Musician, 2002

… [a] discerning ear for production and assured technique as a singer, acoustic guitar accompanist, and writer.

–Robert Doerschuk, former editor-in-chief, MUSICIAN magazine

Stephanie St. John is a New York City rocker with enough spitfire to keep things interesting, enough melody to keep the radio man happy, and enough song writing savvy to pull it all together. Extra points for St. John and the Davids for going old school and recording on 2″ analog tape. The sound is smoky and full, and although most of the clueless youth won’t hear the difference, the tape adds an element of soul that typically gets lost in this digital age. Cinderella’s Dead reveals the scratched and damaged outer edges and inner delicate pieces of this dangerous singer/ songwriter.

–Indie Music Review

Stephanie St.John’s debut album is a compelling listen….a very convincing debut.

–Anna Maria Stjarnell,
Collected Sounds

“Brown”: #1 alternative rock song, three months straight

“Stephanie stretches the boundaries of songwriting and perfromance….She is so super rock it hurts our brains.

–David and Tom,
Big Sleep Records

Cinderella’s Dead is the best debut album since Beth Orton’s “Trailer Park.”


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